Blaptica dubia. Blaptica dubia são parcialmente ovovivíparas, ... Habitat. Advantages . Because they lack developed arolium between their claws, neither adults nor nymphs can climb smooth surfaces. Argentinische Waldschabe - Blaptica dubia. Cockroaches live everywhere: While not every species of cockroach can live in every environment, different species have adapted themselves to just about every type of habitat on earth. Elle est de couleur marron-noir avec quelques reflets dorée/rougeâtre. Blaptica dubia roach cultures do not have an odor when maintained properly. A faixa de temperatura ideal é a extremidade mais alta de uma faixa de 24 ° C - 35 ° C. Eles não se reproduzem abaixo de 20 ° C. Eles não irão derreter com sucesso se a umidade for muito baixa. B.dubia is an ovoviviparous species … There are cockroach species that inhabit warm, wet tropical areas and cockroaches that are able to survive extreme temperatures of more than 100 degrees below zero. Dimorphisme sexuelle, les mâles sont ailés alors que les femelles en sont dépourvues. Infos. Blaptica dubia roaches have recently become a common feeder insect for various animals, due to the ease of culture, cleanliness, fast reproductive rate, high protein to chitin content, nutritional value, and size range of Blaptica dubia. L'habitat des blattes ( Blaptica Dubia): Cette blatte géante d'Argentine est très facile d'élevage. Blaptica dubia, the Dubia roach, also known as the orange-spotted roach, Guyana spotted roach, or Argentinian wood roach, is a medium-sized species of cockroach which grows to around 4.0-4.5 cm (1.6-1.8 in).They are sexually dimorphic; adult males have full wings covering their body, while females have only tiny wing stubs, their tegmina (forewings) being around a fourth of their body length. 4.5 cm in length), sexually dimorphic blaberid cockroach. Cucaracha Argentina (BlapticaDubia) La cucaracha blaptica, también conocida como cucaracha argentina, no llega a medir más de 4,5 centímetros de longitud y suele encontrarse principalmente en las zonas sudamericanas.Junto a otros insectos, son la principal fuente de vitaminas y alimento para pogonas, dragones de agua, geckos, etc… gracias a su gran valor nutricional. Cannot climb smooth surfaces (great for keeping & feeding). Males have wings, but they rarely fly. Blaptica dubia Serville (commonly known as the Dubia cockroach, Guyana spotted cockroach, or Orange-spotted cockroach) is a large (up to ca. Classe: Insectes Ordre: Blattoptères Famille: Blabérides Genre: Blaptica Espèce: dubia. Taille: 4 cm Ne grimpe pas aux vitres; Blatte idéale pour l’élevage alimentaire pour petits sauriens avec sa chitine molle. Dubia Roaches (scientific name: Blaptica Dubia) originate from Argentina, within a tropical rainforest, and as such they are used to a lot of heat and humidity. As baratas Dubia podem tolerar umidade mais baixa do que muitas outras espécies de baratas. Argentinische Waldschabe subadult: Wer ein Futtertier sucht, das nicht zirpt und springt wie Grillen, nicht stinkt, das leicht zu halten und zu vermehren ist und dabei genügsame Futteransprüche stellt, dem sei die Argentinische Waldschabe empfohlen.
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